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Contact Us

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Government Social Media

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You can get to us in several ways: 

  1. This wiki is the main way to work with us. Get an account so you can edit the wiki and leave us a comment below.  Tell us how we're doing, what we could improve, or just say hello.  Feel free to leave your Twitter ID or email address if you want us to get back to you; just remember this wiki is open to the public.

    If we're not doing something you think we should, please tell us what you'd like us to do.

  2. Twitter
  3. Blog: GovLoop (login required) | Blogspot
  4. GovLoop profile
  5. Bookmarks on Delicious
  6. GovSocMed@gmail.com

Comments (2)

Andrea Schneider said

at 5:12 pm on Mar 18, 2009

I want to introduce myself to you. I think what you are doing is very important. I have worked in government for most of my career as an applied social scientist, grant maker and grantee. I was a Visiting Fellow at Justice/COPS with the challenging task of retrospectively evaluating all the Advancing Community Policing Grants. Justice published a book about the project. I was also the recipient of a $3M Community Partnership Grant from HHS which we used to focus on the nature of collaboration, program planning for results, & qualitative evaluation in applied settings.

I have many experiences in government, including testifying to Congress regarding the risk and resiliency research for the prevention of drug abuse, crime, etc. My interest is the convergence between applied setting work and social media. I am convinced that the effective use of these tools will make a big difference in outcomes. I know this is because I have developed a successful social network for dog lovers www.pdxdog.com in Portland, Oregon (we are dog crazy). Using the Ning platform this network has become viral and very organic.

Using my skills and integrating them into the dog network has given me a light bulb of clarity. I am positive this platform can be integrated into grant programs and seriously change how grant administrators communicate and organize their grantees. At the same time it would help with difficult communication and geographic challenges, create community and collaboration, etc. I want to make sure that new ideas for social media policy include the application of social networking within government and agencies as well as between them. Using the Ning technology would be more controlled as membership would be limited to those communities or agencies receiving specific grant money for a program or service. I do not work for Ning. I would love some feedback and I could write a lot about this subject if it is of interest to anyone.


Kelly Schermerhorn said

at 8:27 am on Dec 2, 2009

I agree with you Andrea. I am currently working as a Model Schools Coordinator in a BOCES in upstate NY. I had started a blog regarding my daily activities in this job and sharing new findings with others. I was asked to take down the blog as we didn't have a social media policy. I joined the Technology Committee and posed this question to them. I was then asked if I wanted to be on the committee to draft a policy for the organization. I agreed and I am looking for information to bring back and share with my colleagues on how to draft, develop and implement a social media policy that can be used. I would like to be able to repost my blog to share the intresting information that I come across everyday and keep constituents up to date on whats going on in technology and education.

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