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Overview of the Speakers Bureau

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Overview of the Speakers Bureau 


The Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau is currently requesting feedback on the materials related to the bureau, recruitment of potential speakers, and how to work with the bureau to obtain a speaker for events.


Please review our draft materials and provide your input, either by commenting on the page, or directly editing the page. Request access to the wiki.


What is the Speakers Bureau?

The Social Media Speakers Bureau consists of speakers from all walks of life who are interested in sharing their experience with and knowledge of social media and Web 2.0 with others. Event planners and business professionals are welcome to search the bureau for speakers that match their needs and objectives [include link to list of speaker profiles-TBD]. This service is offered free of charge. 


Request a Speaker [link to list of speaker profiles - TBD]

You are welcome to search through our list of member speakers to find the best match for your event. We strongly recommend you interview candidates before selecting a speaker to meet your needs. You must contact speakers directly to make scheduling and other arrangements. You will find contact information for each speaker in their public profile.


Please note that our federal members may not accept compensation for their speaking appearances. Appearance fees, if any, will be displayed in each speaker's profile. You can negotiate with member speakers, including federal employees, to discuss reimbursing travel expenses.


Because we represent speakers from a wide range of employers, we highly recommend confirming that any reimbursement, including travel expenses, complies with your selected speaker's agency regulations.


You can support our mission!

Do you know of an event or opportunity for our speakers to promote the use of social and new media in government? If so, please let us know [link to contact us page]. We also welcome contributions of speaking materials and other resource documents that our speakers can refer to as they make appearances.


Who should join the Speakers Bureau?

Are you passionate about the power of social and new media in government? So are we! Join us and help spread the word. Many organizations are interested in learning from your experience.


Whether you've implemented large social media campaigns or developed small social media activities, sharing your knowledge can help the social media community in government learn and grow together. We welcome speakers from all walks of life. While government employees may not accept reimbursement for appearances (also known as "honoraria"), we're happy to include appearance fees and other details about your availability in our online directory.


Membership Benefits

Member speakers profiles are featured on our Web site [link TBD] to promote their availability. By joining the Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations working in social media, attend meetings related to ongoing social media activities, and network with your peers.


We'll put you in touch with new audiences and – best of all – put your skills to use in promoting a new day for government communications. We also provide access to a resource library where you'll find PowerPoint presentations on a variety of social and new media topics.


Member Responsibilities

As a member of the Speakers Bureau, you may be contacted by organizations interested in your expertise. You'll be responsible for creating presentations and any related materials if you agree to make an appearance. We also ask speakers to share presentations on the Social Media Subcouncil's public wiki [location TBD] within two weeks of each speaking engagement.


Because the Speakers Bureau welcomes speakers from a wide variety of organizations, we cannot assist with travel and speaking logistics, which are the responsibility of the speaker and the host organization.


Getting Started

To join the Speakers Bureau, simply complete our online speaker profile [link TBD]. An advisory committee will evaluate your profile to ensure you're a good fit for the Speakers Bureau and contact you directly with news about your membership and benefits.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to your membership! 




The Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau does not operate as a referral service.  The Bureau is a Web-based directory which provides information allowing interested parties to directly contact a speaker independently, upon review of individual speaker backgrounds and qualifications. This information has been provided to the SOCMED Speakers Bureau by the speakers themselves.


Inclusion in the Speakers Bureau in no way constitutes an endorsement or guarantee of the competency, services, performance or standards of practice of either the individual speaker or any business, company, corporation or organization with which the individual speaker may be affiliated. The Social Media Subcouncil does not review or endorse the content of presentations given by participants in the Speakers Bureau, and speakers' remarks represent their own views and not the views of the Social Media Subcouncil. 


Comments (2)

alex stobart said

at 11:46 pm on Mar 25, 2009

Can I make a suggestion that with the web being what it is, you can also ask for people from overseas. We can direct you to videos on YouTube, vimeo and other sites. A lot of events now also use livestream tv to show their speakers so you can watch from anywhere.

Scotland, UK

Liz Rosas said

at 12:24 pm on Mar 26, 2009

Hi Alex, thanks for your comment - we absolutely will include the opportunity for Speakers located overseas to join the Bureau.

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