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Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau

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The Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau is currently requesting feedback on the materials related to the bureau, recruitment of potential speakers, and how to work with the bureau to obtain a speaker for events.


Please review our draft materials and provide your input, either by commenting on the page, or directly editing the page. Request access to the wiki.



Our goal is to develop a bureau of speakers who actively advocate government use of social and new media. As a reflection of this, the bureau will be open to all interested speakers who meet our quality standards (to be determined). We plan to promote the bureau to attract a variety of speakers, including:


  • Government experts and advocates

  • Private sector experts and advocates

  • Experts who can represent various stages of the introduction and support of social and new media, from planning and strategizing to implementing and measuring results 


Please review the following draft materials and let us know if you have any suggestions, questions or other feedback.


Overview of the Speakers Bureau (Draft)

The Social Media Subcouncil's Speakers Bureau will be an online organization. Review our planned website content and provide feedback on the way the Speakers Bureau invites speakers to join, explains the role of the Speakers Bureau to site visitors, and more.


Call for Speaker Applicants (Draft)

The Social Media Subcouncil will be reaching out for interested speakers through a variety of forums. Review our announcement and call for speakers.


Proposed Speaker's Profile (Draft)

Check out the planned speaker profile to learn what information we'll be collecting from member speakers and let us know if we're missing anything (or asking for too much!). 


Speakers Bureau Topics (Draft)

Are we hitting all of your hot topics?  Let us know what we are missing.


Speakers Bureau Library (Contributions Sought)

Do you have great materials to contribute for use by our Speakers? Share them here! 


Comments (1)

Eric Weaver said

at 10:35 am on Oct 9, 2009

Does anyone mind if I add a speaker profile index page and my own profile to the Wiki?

- Eric Weaver (http://speaking.ericweaver.com)

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