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Social Media Webinars: Blogs

Page history last edited by jeffrey levy 11 years, 5 months ago

This is the outline for a basic EPA webinar about blogs, targeted to government staff unfamiliar with the tool.  Please edit to help us better flesh out the outline.


You'll need to get a free account on this wiki; it's open to anyone, inside government or not.


Edits due: July 27, 2009


I.  Introduction

     A.  Definition: Blog-“Web Log” web site, regular entries, description of events, reverse chronological order

     B.  Origin, history, popularity


II. Various Uses

     A.  Personal

     B. Agency general

     C. Agency issue-specific

     D. Requesting public input on questions or issues

     E. Media (sketches, photoblog)

     F. Time-limited


III. Community

     A. Blogosphere

     B. Mommy bloggers

     C. Issue bloggers

     D. Others?


IV. Government examples (please provide URL and what makes a particular blog special)

     A. EPA: Greenversations (all employees invited to write, general-purpose, all issues)

     B. EPA: National Dialogue (time-limited, posts asked questions, commenters responded)

     C. EPA: Great Lakes Challenge (time-limited, information about a particular project)

     D. Blogs from other agencies and what makes them good examples of a particular type


V. Implementation

     A. Policy

          1. Commenting

          2. Privacy

          3. Who will write/review process


VI. Metrics

     A. Blog Search engines

          i.   Technorati

          ii.   Blogsearch.google.com

          iii.  Blogsearchengine.com

          iv.   Readablog.com

          v.    Bloogz.com


     B. Subscribers

     C. Daily readers

     D. Twitter followers

     E. Engagement


          2. How much commenters respond to each other

          3. Others?



Comments (2)

bryanwklein said

at 7:24 pm on Jul 22, 2009

I am not sure where it would fit best, but something about live blogging or live blog streams.
Something like what the www.coveritlive.com service provides.
I did this here http://fire.nist.gov/fds/FireModelingWS2009.html during a workshop at NIST.

Lyn Donaldson said

at 9:47 am on Aug 14, 2009

I would like to see some guidance on how a Blog fits within a broader communication plan for government purposes. For example, how does one decide which statements should be blogs, which press releases, and which just part of static Web pages or other documents. It would be also helpful for the public to know the relationship of these tools to each other, and what status is implied by each.

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