Social Media Webinars: Blogs

This is the outline for a basic EPA webinar about blogs, targeted to government staff unfamiliar with the tool.  Please edit to help us better flesh out the outline.


You'll need to get a free account on this wiki; it's open to anyone, inside government or not.


Edits due: July 27, 2009


I.  Introduction

     A.  Definition: Blog-“Web Log” web site, regular entries, description of events, reverse chronological order

     B.  Origin, history, popularity


II. Various Uses

     A.  Personal

     B. Agency general

     C. Agency issue-specific

     D. Requesting public input on questions or issues

     E. Media (sketches, photoblog)

     F. Time-limited


III. Community

     A. Blogosphere

     B. Mommy bloggers

     C. Issue bloggers

     D. Others?


IV. Government examples (please provide URL and what makes a particular blog special)

     A. EPA: Greenversations (all employees invited to write, general-purpose, all issues)

     B. EPA: National Dialogue (time-limited, posts asked questions, commenters responded)

     C. EPA: Great Lakes Challenge (time-limited, information about a particular project)

     D. Blogs from other agencies and what makes them good examples of a particular type


V. Implementation

     A. Policy

          1. Commenting

          2. Privacy

          3. Who will write/review process


VI. Metrics

     A. Blog Search engines

          i.   Technorati






     B. Subscribers

     C. Daily readers

     D. Twitter followers

     E. Engagement


          2. How much commenters respond to each other

          3. Others?