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Social Media Releases: Using Web 2.0 Content to Reach a Broader Audience

What It Is

A Social Media Release (SMR) is an extension of a traditional print press release. Posted online, it includes links to the content about which the release has been written. Also included on the release are other multimedia features including, but not limited to: photographs, videos, podcasts, RSS feeds, and social bookmarking. An SMR can also include a "comment" field where readers can post their thoughts about the content.

Why It's Important

Social Media Releases allow readers to not only read copy about the subject matter, but experience it by being connected through other channels. As an interactive device, readers can offer their feedback directly on the release.

Specific Requirements

There are no legal requirements governing SMRs. On the technical side, use the same guidelines as you would for creating any other government webpage. Consider Section 508 compliance and usability. Keep in mind search engine optimization (SEO).

How to Implement

Follow standard guidelines for print press releases when drafting copy. Be sure additional multimedia links are relevant and enhance the topic of the release. Establish alerts to see when the SMR has been mentioned or posted on the Web by other parties. Include their links on a "related content" section of the SMR. Post links to the SMR on other agency channels and websites.


To date, the Gov Gab birthday is the first example of a government SMR.



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