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Trouble getting people to attend your open house meetings?  We have had great success using webinars or "virtual open houses".  Using tools like GoTo meeting to allow citizens to participate and offer feedback from their desktop.  The cost is very minimal and we have had more people show up for online webinars than for open houses!




  • Low cost
  • Citizens don't need to travel to offer feedback or input
  • Comments can be moderated

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alex stobart said

at 1:04 am on Apr 11, 2009

In the UK they have been running " on-line conferences " across local government ( your equivalent of state, municipal, county level ). Here is an example of one last week.

You can join here


Councillors Connected: The Social Media Online Conference 6-8 April

Hi all, this is the only thread in this forum which - by the end - should have a contribution from each and every one of us. If we truly want to engage with each other, this is the first place to get off the mark and introoduce ourselves and meet our fellow copference attendees. How about, as a suggested format, we go for: name, organisation and work, and what social media we use, both professionally and personally?
I'm Tim Milner, one of the facilitators on this CoP over the next three days. You may know me as the person who coined the term 'copference' to describe these online conferences. My connection with this CoP is through my work in the IDeA's Knowledge Management team. I facilitate the Knowledge and Information for the Public Sector CoP, and will be attempting our first copference soon.
As for social media, I am fairly common and garden. I have a youtube channel, use Flickr, was an early adopter of myspace (pre- its taking five minutes to download ad banners on each page), am approaching my thousandth transaction as an ebay buyer/seller (unfortunately my original 50-50 goal is now approaching 80-20 in favour of buyer), and of course CoPs, and we have been trialling yammer at work. I amazingly am one of the only people on the planet not on facebook, and so far have no plans to change that. Proof that what works well for some people doesn't necessarily translate to others.
I hope to learn about all the other tools that are out there, and how we are all using them. Now, here's a brief video introduction...

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