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Twitter and Other Social Media Strategy for PIOs

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Develop a simply guiding mission statement and link it the agency social media profile. For Twitter and similar social media, consider: primarily one or two-way communication?; will the account actively follow people and using what criteria?; will the account follow back those who follow it?; will the account block spammers?; what kinds of content will the account generate?; if the account is not a main point of contact for the agency, what is the appropriate contact method?

Resources: Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments, by Neil Williams; Eight Tips for Gov Social Media, by Adriel Hampton; Second Life for Government, by Muni Gov 2.0; Learning Pool's Twitter Guide, by Dave Briggs; New Media and the Air Force (pdf, highly recommended); Mass.gov social media toolkits; wikis; blogs; podcasting; rss; Facebook and other web 2dot0 tools; List of social media tools and what they do


More Twitter strategy

The best way to grow a Twitter following is to follow people first. Use tools like LocaFollow to identify local Twitter users. Listorious and WeFollow are also a great way to find users tagged for specific topics and geographic areas. Identify accounts with similar missions and follow people they follow or who follow them.

Manage Twitter relationships using something like MyTweeple to pare back on users who don't follow back after a week or so.

Use mission-related hashtags in your tweets, such as #green and #health, to tap into broader communities.

Tweet several times a day, and take 15-30 minutes daily in 3-5 minute intervals to scan the tweets of people you follow for interesting material to share through retweets. Retweet relevant messages from interrelated agencies and officials.

Include in your profile bio the identifying information of who is actually running the account, and tweet "the office," or "we" unless clearly posting as an individual. Include a "follow does not = endorse" disclaimer.

Respond clearly and within 12 business hours to @ replies and direct messages that require a follow up.

Vet followers and block offensive spam accounts - they will still be able to see your tweets, but they will not show up in your list of followers.

Resources: TwitterBestPractices; Microblogging


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